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Indian cuisine is the most special cuisine in the world. Indian cuisine is incomplete without the Special Vegetarian Curry.

A Special Vegetarian Curry that packs a flavour punch is riched with
veggies and authentic Indian spices.

It is a very easy-to-make and flavorful curry loaded with many vegetables. Serve it with rice or any Indian roti to enjoy a delicious Indian meal.

This article discusses the 4 most popular vegetarian curries.

1 . Mutter Paneer

special vegetarian curry with muter paneer

A popular Indian curry dish made with green peas and Indian cottage cheese is from the versatile Northern Indian cuisine with many variations. It’s a must-try recipe by every curry lover.

What it includes:

It is a soft, fresh Indian cottage cheese made from dairy milk. Also involves:

  • Fresh or frozen green peas and a few medium-sized ripe red tomatoes
  • A medium or large onion
  • Some green chillies

Adding garam masala to this dish will make a brilliant taste into mutter paneer.

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Tips for Making Restaurant Style Mutter Paneer

  • If you have store-bought paneer, keep the paneer in hot water for 10 mins. It will soften the paneer. Always use fresh paneer.
  • Always shallow fry the paneer cubes before adding them to the gravy.
  • Shallow fry them in a non-stick pan with both sides of the paneer turning golden brown.

2 . Mutter Mushroom

Mutter and mushrooms are both very nutritious. Great taste is guaranteed when you cook them with onion, tomato masala, and powdered spices.

Additionally, cashew paste gives this slightly nutty, creamy sweetness. Mutter mushroom is not just delicious but also extremely healthy.

What it includes:
We need fresh garden mushrooms to add a unique taste to Mutter Mushrooms. Like most mushrooms, white mushrooms are low in calories, so fitness freaks can enjoy this recipe.

Another main ingredient for this dish is green peas. Green peas are a good protein source and are best for weight loss, and they are also loaded with vitamin k.

3 . Dhaal Makhani

Delicious dhal makhani

Dhaal Makhani is one of the most demanded lentil recipes from North Indian Punjabi cuisine. Truly made with whole black lentils. You will love this dhaal makhani even more if you love authentic Punjabi food.

What it includes:

Majorly it contains black lentils and red kidney beans. Lentils are an excellent source of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Cream and Kasuri methi play an essential role while preparing dal makhani. Cream adds an excellent texture to this recipe.

A small quantity of Kasuri methi can make a huge difference in taste. Enjoy dhaal makhani with Indian rice and naan.

4 . Kofta Curry

Special Kofta Curry for Curry Lovers

A top-rated and tasty Indian creamy curry recipe made with aloo and paneer balls in onion and tomato sauce.

It is one of the well-known creamiest curry recipes from the Indian cuisine bucket and is loaded with malai or cooking cream.

You may either serve this recipe with a choice of Indian flatbreads or perhaps with a choice of flavoured rice.

What it includes:
Kofta curry mainly includes two parts one is kofta, and the other is curry.

Kofta is a ball made up of deeply fried veggies and spices that are then added to a tangy, creamy, and spicy onion tomato base curry. Enjoy this unique taste of kofta curry only at Royal Eatery.

Serve it with any of your favourite tandoori roti or butter naan. It is best enjoyed with fried jeera rice, vegetable pulao, peas pulao, and so on.

All these dishes bring you good taste with traditional Indian cuisine.
Enjoy the great taste of curries only at a Royal Eatery.

What are you waiting for? Try this Special Vegetarian Curry

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