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The royal eatery is the best Indian restaurant Lygon street if you want to try authentic Indian food in Brunswick east Royal eatery is the place.

Royal Eatery has been present for 20+ years in the restaurant business. If you want to eat authentic Indian food in Brunswick, there is no other place than a royal eatery.

Are you looking for delicious and authentic Indian food and curry? We have various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that you can try from our restaurant. Explore our extensive menu today. You can also order online.

Our chefs have worked around the world and gained a lot of experience. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers about the authentic Indian taste; that’s where our tag line goes “Authentic Indian Restaurant.

There are a number of Indian restaurants on Lygon street. But if you are looking for Indian food, Royal Eatery is your choice.

We prepare food with authentic Indian flavours with love and attention, so you can enjoy your time dining with Indian flavours. – an Indian restaurant Lygon street.

We have various vegetarian popular Indian dishes like the Paneer butter masala, Pumpkin masala, Chana masala, Daal makhani, etc.

We have various non-vegetarian popular Indian dishes like the Chicken tikka masala, Lamb rogan josh, Royal butter chicken, etc.

We also have various types of seafood like Fish and Prawns. You can enjoy your curries with some of our delicious Naan bread.

We have Butter Naan, Cheese Garlic Naan, Roti and Kashmiri Naan. We also have Biryani and Fried Rice full of traditional Indian spices.

Check our menu and find out your favourite dish. We also give a short description of the dish to understand better.

Why are our customers coming back?

1. Food

The food is why customers return to a restaurant or recommend it to others. If the food is good, you quickly get a recommendation.

Royal eatery food is authentically made with natural Indian flavour; We create our recipes by delicately balancing spices and flavours to appeal to a wide range of palates.

Quality over Profits is our Motto! That’s why Royal Eatery restaurant has been a favourite of diners from Brunswick Lygon street and nearby area.

2. Customer Service

If customer service is lacking, customers will recognise it and likely not return that the reason our staff are proactive to provide the best service possible.

Our staff are fully trained and know the value of the customer. We trained our staff and gave a brief of the menu so if a customer has any question they can answer quickly.

3. value for money

Our food is a pretty fair price; most customers are happy to pay the price. Other restaurants charge lots more, and the quality is not matchable.

You can check our menu online to decide the type of food you want to eat and the pricing.

4. Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the important factors. If a restaurant is unclean, it creates a negative impression in customers’ minds. That’s the reason hygiene is our priority.

That is why our customers prefer a Royal Eatery that elevates their dining experience and gains their trust.

We design our menu for everyone if you want to try vegetarian. We have a long menu to choose from, including the main course, snack and breakfast.

In veg snack, we have Tandoori Mushroom, Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Tandoori Paneer Tikka, Gobi 65, etc. In the main course, we have Mutter Paneer, Kofta Curry, Dhaal Maharani, Shahi Paneer, etc.

In non-veg, we have different types of chicken dishes, seafood, beef dishes, lamp dishes and many more.

We have a separate menu for rice and biryani; we have basic steam rice to various types of biryani. If you are craving biryani, we have more options than any other Indian restaurant.

We have Vegetable biryani, Chicken biryani, Goat biryani, Fish biryani, Beef biryani, Prawn biryani, Kashmiri biryani and Lamb biryani.

For all these reasons, Royal Eatery is the best Indian restaurant Lygon street. If you want to try authentic Indian food in Brunswick Royal Eatery is the place to know more, you can visit, or you can contact (03) 9042 3728.


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