Indian Lunch Recipe

Indian Lunch

Indian cuisine is not similar to other country’s national food views, and it’s vast inspiration from traditions across the Asian continent.

Everyone has a hard time deciding what to make for lunch. It will be even more challenging if you have a family with children and the elderly since you will have to please people of various ages.

This article discusses the 10 most popular Indian lunch dishes. I’ll show you some Indian lunch ideas that are both nutritious and easy to prepare daily.

Indian lunch consists of different Currys, Rotis and rice. In this article, we discuss various types of Indian lunches. Altogether, make Indian lunch complete.

1. Chicken Masala

This recipe, also known as Chicken Curry, if you have been to any Indian restaurant or any Indian’s home, you have probably tried some version of this dish. It simply uses whole spices and ingredients to bring out the rich flavours of curry. As you boil down the onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and whole spices with yoghurt into a profoundly flavoured masala paste, the tastes become more powerful.

For those unfamiliar with Masala, it is a paste made from a mixture of spices that are either crushed into a powder or cooked whole with other flavour bases. It is a simple dish and easy to make. Mostly everyone enjoys this dish.

2. Chicken Saag

Chicken saag is a mouthwatering Indian chicken meal that will transform your dinner into an imperial meal. Chicken Saag, also known as Palak Chicken, is a traditional Indian dish made with chicken, fresh spinach, and spices. What a fantastic flavour and nutritional combo! Intensely tasty with a spice explosion, this keto-friendly and gluten-free dish comes together in under an hour.

Cooked with blanched spinach and simple spices, this chicken curry is delicious. Yum! Tender, juicy chicken pieces soak up all of the spinach and spice flavours.

3. Mutter Paneer

In North Indian homes, Mutter tar paneer is a famous dinner or lunch meal. This everyday meal includes cottage cheese and peas in a beautiful tomato sauce, and it’s delicious with chapati or naan, and it’s also good with rice.

One of the most famous green peas recipes is mutter paneer. Onions, tomatoes, spices, and herbs from India. This creamy, rich, and fragrant North Indian peas paneer curry is made in the style of a restaurant. I am confident that your family will enjoy this delight! Mutter paneer can be served with steaming basmati rice, any flavoured rice, Butter naan, roti, or flatbreads.

4. Aloo Gobi

Potatoes and cauliflower are cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices in the famous Indian aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower). This meal can be prepared in various ways, including simply onions or tomatoes or not using any onion or tomato.

I also prepare it in a variety of ways, depending on what we have on hand. It has  Onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and spices! It’s great as a side dish or over rice, and onion or tomato are two alternatives that may be put here.

5. Roti

The flatbread known as roti comes in a variety of shapes and sizes across India. Roti is a circular flatbread that is commonly served in Indian; Roti can be eaten as a side dish with a curry or as a main dish, rolled with a filling or packed with potatoes or lentils, similar to a tortilla wrap.

This adaptable bread is simply flour, salt, vegetable oil, ghee, and water and requires no yeast.

6. Garlic Naan

Plain flour and garlic are used in this classic Indian flatbread recipe. It is extremely famous in India and across the world due to its exceptional flavour and taste. These pillowy soft naan flatbread are so addicting!  You’ll appreciate how quick and easy this recipe is to make.

Our naan bread recipe has been modified to cook them straight on the stove in a hot cast-iron pan instead of baking them in hot Tandoor ovens with charcoal or wood fire. The bread goes well with a variety of north Indian or Punjabi curries and is suitable for lunch and dinner.

7. Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice is a buttery, beautiful side dish with a touch of richness that’s very easy to make. It’s made with white rice, saffron, and fried onion, and it’ll make your lunch even more joyful.

Saffron adds a distinctive flavour to this meal as well as a unique golden colour to the rice. Due to the high cost of saffron, use a small amount, and turmeric enhances the colour. That spice not only has impressive health advantages, but it also makes the rice a brilliant yellow colour.

8. Vegetable Biryani

This restaurant-style Vegetable Biryani hits all the right notes, and it’s made using materials you probably already have in your home. Because it’s created with rice, spices, and vegetables, vegetable biryani is an enticing delicacy that makes for a wonderful nutritious dinner.

Biryani has always been a recipe I’ve been hesitant to attempt, although it appears to be simpler than other Indian meals. Traditionally, biryani recipes are made using either the dum method or combining the rice and biryani sauce in one pot.

To make Indian lunch complete, you need to cook curry, roti and rice all three. In this article, we discuss 4 different types of curry, including both vegs and non-veg, 2 other types of roti and 2 different rice.

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