Unique Indian Cuisines That You Must Try

Indian Cuisines

India is a new blend of diverse tastes spread over its 29 states and seven union territories. Hence, it’s natural of those who restrict Indian cuisine to Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani and Naan in North India and Dosa, Idli and Sambhar in South India.

These meals have just somehow become famous enough to serve our country’s cuisine on a global stage, but there’s no doubt in saying that there’s a lot more to search and dive into for a food lover. You’ve got to try these unique meals from this different list of types of Indian Cuisines.

Adivasi Cuisine

The new culinary traditions of India’s tribal culture, if exposed and adopted, could turn our tech-driven lifestyle into a healthy, self-sufficient one. The tribal cuisine is easy and rich in nutrition.

The Dhurwa tribe of Chhatisgarh enjoys chutneys made of red ants, the tribals of Assam gorge onto Eri Polu (stir-fried silkworms), the Naga tribes can’t get over pork cooked with fermented bamboo shoots with Jolokia chillies. The tribal region of Jharkhand has contributed the delightful Dhuska to our Indian cuisine.

Konkani Cuisine

Konkan areas of Goa and Maharashtra bring us some hot, spicy and sour foods like Kokum, Tirphal (green Sinchuan pepper), Kolmbo sambar with Kadamb (idli-like),Tepla ambat (fish curry) etc. This cuisine is not widely savoured by people outside of the Konkan area.

Malenadu Cuisine

The Malnad area of Karnataka offers a different cuisine called Malenadu cuisine, including meaty curries, tangy pickles and a variation of steamed food. Some of their foods that you must try to add Benne kadabu (idli-rice-coconut) and Pulimunchi (fish prepared in coconut and tamarind).

Odia Cuisine

Primary elements being spice and rice, Odia cuisine is one of the most underrated foods in India. Some of the recipes that a real foodie can’t ignore Basi Pakhala (made in water-soaked rice and fermented overnight), Khattas (tangy curries), Badi chuda (fried Vadi)and Dahi baingan. Nevertheless, Dalma (lentils cooked in vegetables, chillies and mustard) is the torchbearer of Odia cuisine.

Telangana Cuisine

The staple food of Telangana includes Jonna roti prepared of millet which is ideally suggested to be consumed with Kooda (spicy curry), Pappu charu (rasam) and Pulusus (tangy-tamarind based). The place gives its most delicate dish Mamsam Pulusu which is mutton being cooked with a dash of tamarind leaves for the meat-lovers out there.

Mappila Cuisine

This cuisine is called after Kerala’s Mappila community, who have taken kitchen motivation from Dutch, British, Portuguese and Arab cooking cultures. For example, their Tellicherry Biryani uses the Mughlai dum technique of cooking meat. Other dishes which any interested person should try are Arikadukka (stuffed mussels) and Kozhi thalayana (baked chicken with boiled eggs).

Kathiawadi Cuisine

Unlike the infamous sweet Gujarati menu, the Kathiawadi region of Gujarat gives spicy food prepared on a wood fire. Some special food items being served here are sev tamatar sabzi (tomato curry topped with sev), Khichdi, Lasaniya batata (potato) made with chillies and garlic with bhakri bread, and Dakor na gota pancakes made of fenugreek leaves and gram flour.

Parsi Cuisine

Parsi cuisine, induced to India by the Zoroastrian community in the 19th century, is a classic combination of sweet and sour. Meat fans should try Dhansak, and Emli-goor-no kuchumbar is a tamarind chutney that no one wants to miss.

Kashmiri Cuisine

The rich culinary culture of the Kashmiri pandits includes vegetarian foods like Gogje Rajma (kidney beans with turnip and curry), Duma Alov (Kashmiri preparation of Dul Aloo) and wazwaan, which is a staple and is recognised as Kashmiri’s pride. Non-vegetarians have Naan Qaliya (mutton curry), which is meant to be taken with Khamiri roti and Kabargah (batter-fried goat ribs). To top it all, one can have their dessert Shufta made with honey, dry fruits and saffron.


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